I think the most interesting aspect of photography is it’s ability to capture an emotion. Photographing people is such an extraordinary thing because you never know what true feeling you will be convey in the image until you look back at it. I took some time the other day to have a play with a Canon 450D. The reluctant models who were not at all pleased with me shoving a camera in their face at all ended up enjoying the experience once they saw some of the photos we got (I think Mum!). The odd photo came out well I think for having poor lighting, no backdrop and reluctant models!













June Playlist

It is now mid-June and starting to feel slightly like summer is on its way. The weather is improving along with everyone’s spirits and what better way to celebrate then to listen to some crackin’ tunes. I have put together a playlist on Spotify but if you are more a visual consumer of media then below are some of my personal favourite videos.

Bleachers- I Wanna Get Better

Thumpers- Sound of Screams

Warpaint- Disco//Very- Keep It Healthy

Foals- Inhaler

Tame Impala- Elephants

This next song doesn’t have a video yet but I guarantee it will make you feel 17 again. I have already listened to it about 20 times tonight and I’m not going to stop any time soon.

The Sunshine State of Mind

What does sunshine mean in England? A trip to the beach of course.

The eventuality of sunshine in England however does not always equate to warmth, in fact, it could be comparable to describe the temperature as close to Arctic today. But like true Brits we put on a coat and braved the weather. I am lucky enough to be the new owner of a Canon SLR, since my Dad had gone on to bigger and better cameras I have adopted his outdated toy. I haven’t really spent much of my time with photography recently so it was nice to have a bit of a practice again. It was also nice to finish the trip sharing some cheeky chips!











Four Girls One Trip


Last summer I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel around Europe with some of my closest friends. The unforgettable  trip began in Amsterdam and ended in Dubrovnik six weeks later; and looking back at the photos which are plastered on my bedroom wall it is hard to comprehend that we actually managed to do it. Four girls, all of which with different personalities, embarking on a trip which in my families eyes was deemed very dangerous for young women to do on their own could have the possibility for disaster.  This in hindsight would prove to be fairly true,  however, we were to full of youthful naivety to let that stop us. The parting words from my Aunty of “Watch out for strange men” rung in my ears every time we had a tricky situation and the headline ‘Four British Girls Killed in Car Driven By an Overweight Bald Croatian Man’ appeared in my mind. Out of the four of us I am the most anxious, a constant worrier who doubted every decision we made and analysed every situation to death. This compared to the others who have a much more positive and care free attitude meant that we managed to avoid any major hiccups like losing a passport. It also meant that I was exposed to things that I would never have normally done, take for instance canyoning and white water rafting. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be confident enough to do anything like that. In fact I wasn’t and the canyoning was quite possibly the worst experience of my life and it secured the fear I have of jumping/heights and water all at the same time. My habit of worrying was definitely in overdrive that day, with the questionable health and safety measures that were in place (if any). But the satisfaction of doing it and coming out the other side a more confident and worldly person was one I do not regret.


The trip was one full of firsts like canyoning. First time travelling without a family member, first time in many of the countries we visited and the first time I have met so many different people. When travelling we stayed in hostels, or should I say cheap hostels, the ones where  you share a room with many other people and question the cleanliness of the sheets you sleep on. but, disregarding the physical aspect of hostels, the atmosphere is one unmatched in any other environment. Everyone there has a commonality which draws them together, usually with the involvement of alcohol, that makes the time you spend together even more meaningful because you know that in one or two days time you probably will never see each other again. There are so many stories from the trip that I wish I could just write now without it taking 3 years to do! Along the journey we managed to keep a small diary where we wrote the most memorable of experiences we had and the small things that made us laugh along the way. Hopefully, I will get that diary and tell the stories we have so we don’t forget them in years to come.



The Return of Girl Power

Gender equality is something every person should be fighting for; however, it seems it just like child raising and washing it has primarily been left for women to do. This may be an incredibly cynical sentence, but the truth is that the strive for equality is a fight that has been predominantly lead by females for females. The statistics on gender equality speak for themselves; women make up only 17% board directors of FTSE 100 companies and women’s unemployment rate is at its highest for 24 years. These numbers make it easy to generalize how repressed women are, however, the truth is that females are on the rise and it is important that we help girls realize that the equality pendulum is swinging predominantly in their favour. There is a risk that by constantly bombarding young women with inequality statistics, we are in fact creating a generation of girls who will automatically become victims just because of a percentage. It is therefore important that girls have a voice and are shown that they can conquer the world if they want. A great example of this is the ‘DAY OF THE GIRL’, a UN declared day to “help galvanise worldwide enthusiasm for goals to better girls’ lives, providing an opportunity for them to show leadership and reach their full potential”. A movement led by girls to discuss what really matters to them, which in turn can teach adults, boys and other girls around the world new ways of thinking about gender issues.

All industries and sectors are facing a change in their demographic structure lead by the demand for equality. The resurgence if popularity for girl bands and female artists has meant that a record number of women are topping the charts. For instance, the 16 year old singer Lorde made history with her debut song “Royals” holding the number one spot for seven weeks running, passing Alanis Morissette’s 1995 hit “You Oughta Know” as the longest reigning female leader in the charts 25 year history. Women are not only being represented in popular media but changing how so. Artists like Haim are leading the way and showing girls that being talented is way more powerful and beautiful than wearing no clothes. The sexualisation of women in the music industry is still however an important issue that needs addressing, especially regarding the expectations and pressures placed upon young women from the likes of the music videos. Controversially, it seems the more offensive and sexualised the content produced by female artists the greater attention and engagement it generates, take for example Miley Cyrus. She was the epitome of the child star who has used her once influential role model status to rebel and set her adoring young fans an example of over sexualised behaviour. I am well aware that this isn’t anything new; female popstars have been following the same formulaic depictions of how women should behave for years, and never challenged it. However, now is the time for influential figure heads in all industries, not just the entertainment industry, to step up and challenge the degrading attitudes and behaviours exhibited towards women that we have come so accustom to. This change can only happen if it is facilitated by these leading women, who instead of adhering to the status quo must challenge it, perhaps starting by making music videos in which they aren’t just in their underwear.

New Discovery

One of my favourite things is stumbling upon a new band or artist that I immediately fall in love with. It is quite a rare occasion, however today was one of those days… lucky me!

So, today I was lost in one of those internet black holes, click after click, sifting through endless amounts of internet space. This happens from time to time, usually when I have lots of university work I should be doing; I suddenly become the queen of procrastination. Nothing good usually comes out of been in a ‘internet bubble’ however, today I discovered Blood Orange. The first song I heard was You’re Not Good Enough and I was immediately hooked and downloaded the album immediately. After doing a little bit of digging I found that Blood Orange or rather Devonte Hynes had previously released music under the name of Lightspeed Champion, a band I remember enjoying a few years ago. This guy seems to be a bit of a song writing genius at this point in time, working with artists like Theophilus London and Solange recently. I have a feeling this album is going to on repeat for a long while now.

Here are a few tracks of his… enjoy!

Blood Orange- You’re Not Good Enough

Lightspeed Champion- Galaxy of the Lost

What I’m Listening To Today

Today has been a very productive day full of university work… exciting! So in order to keep me relatively sane I have had a playlist of songs on repeat. Here’s a few of my favourites. Enjoy!

The 1975- Girls

Walk The Moon- Tightrope

Tegan and Sara- Sentimental Tune